Between The Years

Dear Reader, Germans have a fun turn of phrase for the period between Christmas and New Year’s — zwischen den Jahren — or in English “between the years.” So, what happens zwischen den Jahren you ask? Nothing. Just kidding…well, kind of just kidding. Although only slightly bigger than New Mexico and smaller than Montana, Germany... Continue Reading →

Red, White, and Blue-tiful

Dear Reader, Happy 4th of July! How are you celebrating the holiday given the pandemic? While it is natural to feel a little bummed that, yet another holiday is virtually ‘cancelled’ on account of the ongoing crisis, truly believing in this notion will guarantee unhappiness for you on this perfectly joyful day. We can, of... Continue Reading →

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Dear Reader, It is “Cinco de Mayo” in the United States today. Yes, I did say the ‘United States’ and not Mexico. While in the U.S., this day is unofficially celebrated with chips, salsa, and margaritas, the fifth of May is just another day on the calendar for most parts of Mexico. However, don’t let... Continue Reading →

Happy May Day!

Dear Reader, We have reached a symbolic end as we flip the calendar from April to May. How many days have you been on lockdown now? For me, I have been at home for just under 8 weeks! Yet, today is our lucky day, because we have something beautiful to celebrate on May 1st. Have... Continue Reading →

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