[Review] Twelve Years A Slave

Dear Reader, Is it better to have liberty that is lost than to never have been free at all? This is a horrible question and one that should never have to be asked, however, I ponder it all the same as I finish reading Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup. What a sad story,... Continue Reading →

[Review] You’ll Grow Out of It

Dear Reader, The funny thing about memoirs is that unlike with fiction, the protagonist is a real person who you can Google and find out more about. I enjoy learning about the author whose memoir I read, but one thing I will not do is Google a picture of the author until I have completed... Continue Reading →

[Review] Committed

Dear Reader, Standing up and exchanging “I do’s” in front of family and friends is a moment many dream about. The decision to marry is a joyful and highly anticipated one, at least, it is for most people. When Elizabeth Gilbert and her Brazilian boyfriend, David find themselves in an interrogation room at the Dallas-Fort... Continue Reading →

[Review] The Rules Do Not Apply

Dear Reader, I am convinced that Americans (and more specifically Hollywood) invented the concept of a happy ending. I have studied both Russian and German and each language uses the English phrase “happy end” to describe a story or a movie that ends happily – as if ending well is a foreign concept. I recently... Continue Reading →

[Review] My Friend Anna

Dear Reader, It is deeply unsettling to learn that the person that you have come to know and call a friend is nothing more than an illusion. When Rachel DeLoache Williams went on what she thought was an all-expenses-paid vacation with her friends, Anna, Casey, and Jesse, to Morocco, she did not expect that this... Continue Reading →

[Review] Primates of Park Avenue

Dear Reader, In stark contrast to the last book that I read Maid (review here), I recently finished Primates of Park Avenue: A Memoir by Wednesday Martin, which exposes the “mommy culture” of the wealthy residents of the Upper East Side in Manhattan. The title is in reference to the author’s background in anthropology and... Continue Reading →

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