500 Posts and Counting!

Dear Reader, This is my 500th post on CuriousWordsBlog.com! That is all. Love, Raven Kidding! But wow! 500 posts — what a journey it has been! For those of you who don’t know, CuriousWordsBlog.com was born out of a personal challenge, simply — publish one blog post every day for 365 days. At first, this whole... Continue Reading →

The COVID-19 Diaries (April 2020)

Dear Reader, Can you believe that we have muddled through a full calendar year under the oppression of COVID-19? Last month, I looked back on how quickly the coronavirus situation surged in the U.S. by revisiting some of my March 2020 blog posts (more here). Today, I would like to continue and conclude this reminiscence... Continue Reading →

In Four Years’ Time

Dear Reader, Cities can seem like impossible places to understand and navigate when they are completely unfamiliar to you. That is how I felt about Boston four years ago. At that time, anywhere outside of my bubble felt like exploration into unknown territory, especially locations beyond the city limits. During that time, some friends and... Continue Reading →

Something Old, Something New

Dear Reader, As you look around your home, how much old clutter do you see lying around? Let’s say you picked up a tennis habit quite a while ago and now have a racket hanging on the inside of the coat closet. Although you haven’t played tennis in a decade, the racket is familiar to... Continue Reading →

The Bottom of the Valley

Dear Reader, If you are sitting at the bottom of a wet and cold valley, it may become hard for you to imagine the beautiful and warm beach on the other side of the hill. Sometimes, when we feel sad, we also feel hopeless and like things will never change. Conversely, when we feel happy,... Continue Reading →

Soundtrack of our Memories

Dear Reader, Do you ever have those moments when a song triggers a memory? I was having trouble with my iPhone a few weeks ago. When I took it to the Apple Store they said that the only fix would be to restore my phone to factory settings. While I didn’t lose the important stuff... Continue Reading →

Putting the “Me” in “Memory”

Dear Reader, How good is your memory? I recently went through one of my old email addresses to find specific information about a doctor's appointment from years ago. In my searches, I stumbled upon a picture of me in high school at a choir concert. While the choir concert was important at the time, today,... Continue Reading →

That Vampire Movie

Dear Reader, Were you ever a fan of the Twilight series? Whether you loved it or you hated it, I’m sure (if you are in the U.S.) you have at least heard of it. Last night my boyfriend surprised me by asking if I wanted to watch the first Twilight movie with him. He has... Continue Reading →

My Little Blue Friend

Dear Reader, It’s a symbolic end of an era for me. My passport is due to expire soon! When I got my passport almost ten years ago, it was for a trip with my high-school group to Spain. As a 17-year old, traveling abroad for 10 days in a chaperoned group without parents was the... Continue Reading →

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