What Hurts The Most

Dear Reader, A curious thing about the human experience is that something that is commonplace to one individual may never, ever be experienced by another. While this sentiment can be applied to a variety of situations — privilege, prejudice, etc. — I’m specifically, thinking about pain. More, specifically, I’m thinking about my own personal plight... Continue Reading →

Or So I Thought

Dear Reader, A few days ago, I got my first-ever deep tissue massage (more here) and left feeling like it could be a fun little occasional activity. My tense muscles felt looser, and I was eager to look up other wellness centers that I could visit. Everything went great! Or so I thought…. Not too... Continue Reading →

What Is This Feeling?

Dear Reader, What is this feeling, so sudden, and new? I felt the moment I typed words to you My wrist is throbbing My nerves are pumping My face is scrunching What is this thumping? Pounding like a train, does it have a name? Yes! Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…. To the Reader who did not watch... Continue Reading →

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