[Review] White Like Her

Dear Reader, The funny thing about race is that it was never intended to be a subject of debate or question, rather an obvious identifier of “who you are.” If you look 'white,' people assume you are white; if you look 'black,' people assume you are black. Race, however, as we all know, is not... Continue Reading →

Can I Be Accidentally Racist?

Dear Reader, Today is Juneteenth, aka the day of celebration commemorating the abolition of slavery. With the current protests surrounding George Floyd’s death and larger issues in the U.S., this holiday takes on special significance this year. In fact, at my organization, we were given the day off to consider racism, so, that is exactly... Continue Reading →

[Review] Negroland

Dear Reader, I recently finished reading the book Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup (review here), which documents the author’s unfortunate and tragic imprisonment as a slave in Louisiana from 1841 – 1853. Wanting to hear more about the role of race in America, I decided to read Negroland by Margo Jefferson, which tells... Continue Reading →

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