[Review] The Nineties

Wow. I don’t usually have too many emotions about non-fiction books, but Chuck Klosterman’s “The Nineties” in one word must be w-o-w. Klosterman opens the book with an introduction to an era not punctuated by the date January 1, 1990, rather with important events to close the 1980’s like Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment (which leads to... Continue Reading →

I Hope You’re Happy

Dear Reader, It’s been a while, but I’m going to talk about my book again. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about my book (which partially explains my lackluster promotion of it). However, my ambivalence (a word which literally means to hold contradictory feelings about something) toward my book has resolved itself into positivity... Continue Reading →

Like the Blog, Get the Book!

Dear Reader, Do you have Little Free Libraries in your area? If not, you have at least probably seen one online as these street side book hubs are becoming more and more popular. The concept is simple — you can take a book or leave a book. Never have I come across a Little Free... Continue Reading →

[Review] Lit: A Memoir

Dear Reader, Have you heard of Mary Karr? While there are many authors out there who rose to stardom and then wrote their memoirs and tell-all’s, Mary Karr did the reverse — she wrote memoirs and became famous for them. If her name sounds familiar, it may be because you have read her well-known work... Continue Reading →

Whatever Happened to the Scarlet Ibis?

Dear Reader, Last night, I caught myself remembering a scene from a game show. In “Cash Cab,” the game show host drives through the streets of New York City posing as a taxi driver. When unsuspecting customers get into the cab, they are surprised to learn that they have a chance to answer a series... Continue Reading →

[Author] Michael Robotham

Dear Reader, There are some big-name authors out there. Literally, writers like Stephen King, James Patterson, and Lee Child have their names printed just as big (if not bigger) than the titles of their books on the cover. In this way, just seeing a familiar surname is like a quality-assurance or brand marker for the... Continue Reading →

A Bit of Old for the New Year

Dear Reader, Did you have book fairs at your school growing up? I went to a public elementary school in the US. Once a year, my school district would host the “Scholastic Book Fair” to visit the school and turn the gymnasium into a little market filled with tables piled with books and other colorful... Continue Reading →

The End and nothing more

Dear Reader, Things become much more precious to us when we know that they will soon end. While I believe this statement to be true, I’m also just being over-dramatic as I am referring only to a book I just read. I love audiobooks. One year I listened to over 100 because I had a... Continue Reading →

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