Cafe Days – Boston

Dear Reader,  All dine-in service has been banned in the state of Massachusetts to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. While I naively thought that the governor’s proclamation only applied to bars and restaurants, in actuality the shutdown extends to all eateries--cafes included. Cafes are a place of community and commerce. While we all... Continue Reading →

Two Good Wheels

Dear Reader, Sometimes you love things even when they hurt you… at least that’s how I feel about my new bicycle. One unfortunate side effect of the coronavirus pandemic is that universities are closing their campuses and students are being evicted from housing. With less than a week’s notice to pack up their belongings, students... Continue Reading →

Rozzie Welcomes All!

Dear Reader, At the southern end of Boston’s Orange Line on the “T” (subway system) lies a quaint neighborhood called Roslindale. Have you heard of it? While I was aware of Roslindale’s existence, I had no reason to visit until recently when I decided to make the trip down to visit the Arnold Arboretum (more... Continue Reading →

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