Dull, Bleak, and Humdrum

Dear Reader, How are these winter months treating you? I admit that this corner of the year (January - mid-March) is perhaps my least favorite. I live in Boston; this means that the nights get longer in early November and going outside without a jacket isn’t really an option after September. Although it gets cold... Continue Reading →

It’s all uphill from here!

Dear Reader,  I feel that my life has been moving at high-speed for the past year. In October 2018, I started a few part-time jobs that have taken up almost all of my time. In the beginning commuting alone was a significant daily commitment, however, now, I am more comfortable in remote/ closer-to-home positions. In... Continue Reading →

Routine Resolutions

Dear Reader, Over the summer, I had a busy travel schedule and made trips to New York, the UK, the West Coast, and even Iceland. With the change in time zones, crazy schedules, and totally utter exhaustion, I took the summer as a time to overindulge on all fronts. While a piece of cake here... Continue Reading →

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