Never Bake a Cake in a Hurry

Dear Reader, A friendly piece of advice — never bake a cake in a hurry. During the pandemic, I have gotten into the habit of cooking dinner once a week for my boyfriend and I and preparing a dessert. In a routine way, I set aside 90 minutes (give or take 15 mins) one evening... Continue Reading →

Three is Company

Dear Reader, You know how the bright sky can darken within a matter of minutes before a storm? That’s what happened when I was sitting outside to write one afternoon. It was a warm, humid day in Boston, but the sky was overcast and there was a slight breeze, which made the air comfortable rather... Continue Reading →

The Coffee Diaries

Dear Reader, How old were you when you had your first cup of coffee? Did you sip for practical reasons, curiosity, or maybe just because all of your friends were doing it? Do you even remember such a trivial detail? Believe it or not I only had my first cup of coffee a few days... Continue Reading →

One Wheel at a Time

Dear Reader, When you are a beginner, it is natural to believe that the struggles you face are normal and that you will get better with practice. This is how I approached riding a bike again as an adult. I know how to ride bicycle (does one ever really forget 😉 ), but I am... Continue Reading →

Err on the Side of Sweetness

Dear Reader, Overconfidence in one’s abilities is the surest way to make a mistake. Over these past few weeks, I have been baking as a way to entertain myself in my self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. In the span of about a month, I have made banana bread (more here), flat bread (more here), and... Continue Reading →

Virtual Reality

Dear Reader, Are you working 100% online now because of the pandemic? I am, and I have been for about a month now (jeez!). If I might ask, how are you doing? While I am working the exact same number of hours at work, I sometimes feel more fatigued after a virtual day than an... Continue Reading →

On The Same Side

Dear Reader, How long have you been self-isolating? I have been limiting my movement to essential trips (only two to the grocery store) and exercise outside. At the time of this writing, most U.S. states are under shelter-in-place orders (meaning that all non-essential businesses are closed) and stay-at-home orders (meaning that people are advised to... Continue Reading →

My Own Worst Enemy

Dear Reader, Sometimes the most important things to us are also the most fragile. At least, this is the case for me and my iPhone. Have you ever been without your phone for a day or more due to damage or repair? If you are like me, during these periods you have probably realized the... Continue Reading →

Two Good Wheels

Dear Reader, Sometimes you love things even when they hurt you… at least that’s how I feel about my new bicycle. One unfortunate side effect of the coronavirus pandemic is that universities are closing their campuses and students are being evicted from housing. With less than a week’s notice to pack up their belongings, students... Continue Reading →

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