Curiouser and Curiouser

Dear Reader Do you remember childhood you? The one that read picture books and comics instead of newspapers, novels, magazines, and… blogs? Not too long ago, my mom sent me a picture of worksheet I completed in second grade (pictured below). On it was a list of questions to get us to consider the academic... Continue Reading →

You’re Only Born Once

Dear Reader, First, I would like to wish all of you Libras out there at happy birthday! It’s your time 🙂 Now, on the topic of birthdays, I present to you the “birthday problem.” If you’ve ever taken statistics, you may already be familiar with this fun phenomenon. Simply, it is stated that in a... Continue Reading →

The Summer of ‘20

Dear Reader, This morning when I pulled open the front door and stepped outside, I was greeted by a bright blue sky and crisp autumn air. While I was still dressed in shorts, I did have enough sense to put on a light cardigan after seeing that the morning temperature was a mere 57 degrees.... Continue Reading →

Happy 365!

Dear Reader, Something amazing happened for me today but more importantly over the past 365 days — it’s my blog’s birthday (kind of)! Since’s inception, I have published 365 posts in 365 consecutive days. I started blogging with one goal — to blog. Then, somewhere along the way, I decided to make the commitment... Continue Reading →

The Sky is Gray

Dear Reader, What do you call gray skies and windy weather? — A beautiful day in Boston! It is the middle of August, but the Boston air temporarily has an autumnal tinge to it. It is 70 degrees and a —somewhat depressing— shade of gray outside. I am not the biggest fan of harmful UV rays,... Continue Reading →

Or So I Thought

Dear Reader, A few days ago, I got my first-ever deep tissue massage (more here) and left feeling like it could be a fun little occasional activity. My tense muscles felt looser, and I was eager to look up other wellness centers that I could visit. Everything went great! Or so I thought…. Not too... Continue Reading →

The Murder Weapon

Dear Reader, If you ever need someone to hide the body, don’t call me. Some people never fail to remain poised and level-headed in intense situations. These people and I are two independent circles on a Venn diagram. Last weekend, I was facing some difficulty slicing a lemon. Whenever I would bring down the knife... Continue Reading →

What Is This Feeling?

Dear Reader, What is this feeling, so sudden, and new? I felt the moment I typed words to you My wrist is throbbing My nerves are pumping My face is scrunching What is this thumping? Pounding like a train, does it have a name? Yes! Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…. To the Reader who did not watch... Continue Reading →

Happy Ending, Sad Ending

Dear Reader, They say that the difference between Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies is that comedies end in a marriage and a tragedies end in death. While I am not a bardolator, I have a similar view about certain memoirs. I have fallen down a very niche literary rabbit hole. I am currently reading memoirs that... Continue Reading →

Zero-Dollar Ideas

Dear Reader, Do you ever feel like you’ve stumbled upon a million-dollar idea? I do sometimes, but unfortunately, most “million-dollar” ideas are worth zero dollars unless you have the ability to put your plan into action…. Because I have zero ability to put many of my plans into action, I will share my zero-dollar ideas... Continue Reading →

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