500 Posts and Counting!

Dear Reader, This is my 500th post on CuriousWordsBlog.com! That is all. Love, Raven Kidding! But wow! 500 posts — what a journey it has been! For those of you who don’t know, CuriousWordsBlog.com was born out of a personal challenge, simply — publish one blog post every day for 365 days. At first, this whole... Continue Reading →

Like the Blog, Get the Book!

Dear Reader, Do you have Little Free Libraries in your area? If not, you have at least probably seen one online as these street side book hubs are becoming more and more popular. The concept is simple — you can take a book or leave a book. Never have I come across a Little Free... Continue Reading →

Year of the Blog

Dear Reader, What if I told you that you could blog your way to happiness. If blogging is your passion, you may be thinking “duh!” However, for everyone else, I want to let you in on a little secret… blogging really can be your vehicle to happiness. Over the past year, I have been planning,... Continue Reading →

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