Routine Resolutions

Dear Reader,

Over the summer, I had a busy travel schedule and made trips to New York, the UK, the West Coast, and even Iceland. With the change in time zones, crazy schedules, and totally utter exhaustion, I took the summer as a time to overindulge on all fronts. While a piece of cake here or a glass of wine there can be fun every once in a while, these little habits can really take a toll on your body and wallet. Now, back in Boston, I must force myself to break such habits before I start to put on weight and/or dwindle my bank account. 

T station, Boston, MA, summer 2019


Over the summer, I had an Uber problem. My busy travel schedule in the summer meant that my time in the office was limited. The time constraint meant I did my best to make every minute count in order to be productive. So, sometimes instead of walking or taking the T home from work, I would simply call an Uber so I could spend more time at the office. Well, with rides costing around $12-20 one-way, this was certainly not a sustainable financial habit. 

Now that I have returned from my travels and have a more normal work schedule, I do my best to walk to work every morning and then take the T on the way back home. Not only am I saving money, but I also get to read a little bit on my ride home. In fact, I’ve started a new habit of having a book that I will exclusively read while I’m out and about to encourage me to read more rather than scroll through my Facebook feed. (Book pictured above mentioned in my post “Read and Listen”).

Cheesecake, Glasgow, Scotland, summer 2019


I must admit that trying new foods is one of my favorite things about traveling. Whether it’s a fancy dessert or just a piece of bread, I’m always willing to try something new abroad. However, food is something that can be easily over done. When my boyfriend and I traveled this summer, we’d normally opt for drinks and desserts with dinner. You can only get away with saying por que no los dos?! and  #YOLO a few times, before drinks and desserts go from a treat to a routine. 
Back in Boston, I have had to be very careful and watch what I eat. On the first days after my return home, I would find myself craving sweet things at the end of the day (no doubt as a consequence of my summer habit), but I try not to give in, as I’m sure with practice these cravings will subside. Well, until that day comes, I’ve decided not to buy sweets… because I do not fully trust myself…at all.


When I was in college, I developed an exercise habit and would reliably jog or go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. This habit continued into the two years of my Master’s program. However, when I graduated from my Master’s program I earned a degree, but lost access to a state-of-the-art gym! What a loss this was. Since school, I have slowly stopped going to the gym. I’ve tried to replace the gym with other activities (most notably walking) however, it is evident to me that I have definitely lost muscle mass since college. This is not okay with me, so I have decided that the end of Summer was a great time to Fall into new habits. So, now I try to make myself go to the gym every single day. Even if I’m only there for 20 mins (which is very often the case…), to me developing the routine of simply going is the first step to reaching any of my fitness goals. Also, as a P.S., the gym has also been a good place for me to read 😀

In summary, our health, Dear Reader, is the most important thing. Emotionally, mentally, physically, our well-being must, indeed, be well. If we are stressed out about money then we won’t be able to enjoy a night at the bar with friends. If we neglect to make exercise a priority then a scenic bike ride along the coast, could become too strenuous to be enjoyable. For me, recognizing my not-so-good behaviors and trying to develop new habits to address and redress them is the best way for me to make a happy life for myself. Everything that I have listed above is a small change, riding the T, skipping dessert, and lifting at the gym for 20 mins is hardly a lifestyle revolution, they’re merely baby steps. However, it is precisely these little beginnings that have so much power to shape who we are. I do not know who you are, Dear Reader, but I hope you become (or already are) exactly who you want to be.



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