Teamwork Makes the Dream… More Manageable

Dear Reader,

Do you often complete projects in teams at work? Right now, at the office we are in the final stages of a very big, very complex project. Without going into too much detail, this work is something that has been on our calendars for almost a year, it has taken months of planning, weeks of work, and a few days of non-stop madness to get everything done. With this project quickly reaching the end, tonight is a long, but necessary night for us to pull everything together.

One thing I have learned about working on such projects is that things do not always work out as planned. Sometimes meetings are scheduled for noon, but get pushed back to 2pm, and then pushed back again until the following day. Other times, the first item on the agenda consumes the entire discussion leaving everything else to fall through the cracks. Maddeningly, things that were previously thought to be a problem are easily resolved while other overlooked things become insurmountable obstacles. Work has taught me that you always need a good, actionable plan B (and for very important things— a reasonable plan C).

Large projects have also shown me the value of good teammates. Good teammates are the ones who come forward to figure out a solution without needing to find someone at fault for the problem. Most valuable teammates are those who offer to help out, not because they know that they are expected to, but simply because they care (either about the project or about their teammates).

I am lucky to have had an overall good experience (so far) with this project and I know it has overwhelmingly to do with the people that I’m working with. Work is like a long-term relationship. At the end of the day, projects come and go, but it is the people that remain for better or worse (well, until some quits or is laid off, I suppose). I hope you have people that you value at work, Dear Reader, and I most certainly hope that you are appreciated for all that you do.



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