Welcome to My Web Series!

Dear Reader,

I’m getting a show! Okay, so like not a “show show,” rather a limited web series… produced by me. If you follow my blog, then you will already know that I’m very interested in acting (more here). Also, if you checked my blog post count (this is post number #556, by the way) or my book, you could have probably already figured out that I like writing. As a summer project, I have decided to combine these two interests by writing, acting in, and (by necessity) producing my own web series.

I can barely contain my excitement, so I’m not even going to attempt to be cool about it.

Here’s the lowdown. The show is called “Pretty… If You Squint;” it’s an absurd comedy that documents my fictitious life. In short, most everything that I write about to you in my blog is real and what that I show to you in the web series is mostly (but not always) less than real.

I’ve already started to film this month and hope to release the series in the fall on my new Pretty…If You Squint YouTube channel. Check out the promotional teaser here!

For updates on the show’s progress and all show-related announcements, be sure to follow my Instagram page: @Ravensunset19

So, what’s this show about? From a critical perspective, it’s just a bunch of nonsense loosely strung together by a thin thread of a plot. From my perspective— it’s AWESOME. In seriousness, I intend it to be a 9-episode run of short comedic episodes (prooobably 3-7mins each, but I haven’t completed a single episode at this point… so, TBD). The episodes are designed to be watched in order because it kind of does have an overarching plot. Also, I do encourage one to watch until the final episode (it’s wild).

Even if you hate my show and it literally induces projectile vomiting… I still feel good about the whole endeavor (and don’t sue me, I have zero monies and no permanent address at the moment). I’m having so much fun already collecting props, costumes, and figuring out all the show logistics. I hope you will give it a watch, if not enjoy it too! The series is set to premiere in Fall 2022 on YouTube.

As always, dear Reader, make sure that you are doing what you love ❤



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